Welcome to Techlab, short for technology laboratory. On this site you will be able to download additional modules for each separate ClarkConnect distribution.

ClarkConnect transforms a standard PC into a full-featured internet gateway / server solution. Ideal for company's and the more advanced internet user. Starting with Linux RedHat as a base, this solution only has the necessary software required for gateway
and server functionality. For more information see the ClarkConnect website.

Latest News:

Mail DomainBlock - module (release) March 19, 2007
The DomainBlock module will be release soon. As it will become part of the latest ClarkConnect edition of version 4.1.

Known as the: New greylist and blacklist support for the antispam engine

Mail DomainBlock - module (in progress) August 22, 2006
I have got some exiting news...

The past few months I have been working for ClarkConnect to create a new module. This new webconfig interface will enable you to block large amounts of unwanted (spam) mail, by blocking a list of known abusers. There will also be a possibility to delay any unknown emails the first time, known as graylisting. The new module will be available shortly.

For now, here are some screenshots:
Module look: cc-domainblock.jpg
Results (rejected): mail-rejections.jpg

- Automatically blocks known spam domains.
- Create your own custom domain blocklist.
- Graylisting, which delays any unknown emails only the first time.

Mail Queue - module updated March 12, 2005
Small update for the ClarkConnect mail queue module. Please download the
latest version and update it, if you get the following warning message:

> Warning: getimagesize(): Read error! in /var/webconfig/ on line 1396

Mail Queue - module (new) March 1, 2005
Here's my latest creation, the ClarkConnect Mail Queue module. This module will let you view the status of your outgoing emails and delete them if necessary.

1) View status of each message.
2) Delete one or more messages within the queue.
3) Flush the queue (lets mail system process all messages immediately).

Mail Summary - module updated Nov 22, 2004
I finally had some time to update the Mail Summary module...

Here is a small list of added features:
1) It will now show a proper report as the < and > characters will now be shown correctly.
2) Added the missing Webconfig protection (function: WebAuthorization).
3) Upgraded the summary generator ( to version 1.1.0 .

More to come... August 7, 2004
I have been unable to create any new ClarkConnect modules lately, as I have been preoccupied with three other major projects. One of these is the 'Robotech Movie Project' shown above. More to come soon..

Mail Aliases - API Reference Guide May 29, 2004
The ClarkConnect team never fails to suprise me, as they have added the alias module core (aliases.class) into their
API documentation. However it still requires some functional descriptions, guess that I will have to provide them.

Announcement April 21, 2004
New ClarkConnect 2.2 Home and Office versions are now available !
However the site has been split into a commercial and development site. - ClarkConnect Office / Professional versions. - ClarkConnect Home versions (Free) + Development Site

Announcement April 11, 2004
I've just noticed that the 'Contribs' section came online. Great work ClarkConnect Team!
Now it will be even easier to install or update modules.

Just login to Webconfig ( and have a look in the 'Services -> Contribs' section.

Mail Aliases - translation module updated April 04, 2004
The Norwegian translation for the Mail Aliases module has been updated. I had to re-package it because the files where still in DOS format instead of unix.

E-mail problems March 25, 2004
All e-mail problems have now been solved.

E-mail problems March 24, 2004
I've recently noticed a problem with my mail server. I'm able to send mail but unable to retrieve mail making the forums and e-mail links on this site unusable. I will try to fix this as soon as possible. In the mean time you can send e-mail's to if necessary.

Announcement March 1, 2004
The website has finally been set up. If there are any questions then you can now contact me through the forms on the contact page. It's also possible to register if you like to receive updates on changes in the ClarkConnect modules or possible new versions.

Each module has got its own section where you can find information on how to install / download it, see its screenshot, get support (FAQ) or report any problem that may accure.